Raver Lifts

Quality and reliability are the basis of our success

Raver Lifts continues its journey towards ever greater quality, reliability and aesthetics. Continuous technological research, the advanced use of modern and sophisticated machinery and the continuous development of aesthetically pleasing design solutions has for years made Raver an industry leader.

A result that is the fruit of our continuous committment in serving customers.

Pescara lift production plant

Always ready to react to the continuous stimulation of a demanding and attentive market, Raver responds with design, comfort and safety, using top quality products. The wide range of materials available for walls, doors and floors, joined to the multiple possibilities of colour combinations, allows for ample customisation.

The use of highly refined control panels, accessories such as mirrors, baseboards and handrails, allow us to worthily complete the final Work.

Design, testing, accurate tests and production

Nothing is left to chance at Raver

Raver Lifts, beginning with the delicate phase of materials and component selection, pays particular attention to the design of its cabins, operating on the basis of the needs of the client, trying to interpret the requests as best as possible and respond with adequate efficiency.

The design can cover the entire phase of construction, from the study of the lift shaft to electrical management swichboards, through the evolution of the cabin following exclusive objectives, and offering, where necessary, suggested alternatives..

Our continuous technological research, careful development of advanced solutions, use of sophisticated equipment and the aid of specific skills, makes Raver a benchmark in the field.

The build quality, design, careful planning, the maximum openness to create any combination or solution and the search for a confirmation of continuous safety are the cornerstones of Raver's work.

Reliability, security, aesthetics, service and economy are constant over time, a guarantee of our seriousness and productive concreteness.

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