MRL System

ESG the Raver MRL system (Machine Room Less): performing innovation

These systems are not provided with an engine room, as all electrical and mechanical equipment are mounted inside the hoistway, providing more commercial space to the building. Generally, the control panel is applied to the last upper level adjacent to the elevator door.

The ESG system is the life that offers considerable advantages:

  • it is ecological because it does not use mineral oil
  • it guarantees a virtually perfect stop at floors regardless of the load in the cabin and the outside temperature
  • it offers an extremely high riding comfort thanks to the use of inverters
  • the energy consumption is minimised thanks to the use of a gearless machine with low inertia and a synchronous motor of radial construction with permanent magnets.
  • a low friction lifting system minimises noise and vibration.

The rigid structure and excellent acoustic insulation of Raver cabins, which are always coated externally with sound-absorbing material, ensures a smooth, straight and silent ride.

MRL System
MRL System

Eureka system

Eureka, the affordable and reliable RAVER lift platform.

The ease of installation with the possibility of creation in small spaces and the very low operating costs (requires a supply voltage of only 230V), makes this product ideal for applications in private residences, small condominiums and private offices. Not just offering standard solutions, RAVER, thanks to the great flexibility which has always marked it, allows customers to be able to draw on more varied solutions in terms of customisation and spaces.

The technical study of RAVER design allows this type of product, combined with RAVER facilities, to be installed either internally or externally in existing buildings.
Thanks to the great versatility of Eureka, customers can customise their own mini-lift according to their technical and aesthetic needs.

RAVER offers Eureka in three versions:

  • MANUAL without internal doors and external doors with pivot (manned operation), particularly suitable in confined spaces with few floors
  • SEMI-AUTOMATIC with automatic interior doors and external doors with pivot (automatic operation) indicated for narrow and deep lift spaces
  • AUTOMATIC with completely autonomous internal and external doors (automatic operation) indicated in spacious areas that make it a real mini-lift.

It is possible to have Eureka lifts, even with double or triple access.

Unlike regular lifts, platform lifts need a minimum pit of 150mm and a minimum head of 2400mm, guaranteeing in any case all the requirements of the regulations in terms of safety and reliability.
Eureka system control panel
Eureka system

Hydraulic system

RAVER hydraulic system, tradition and simplicity.

The hydraulic lift uses technology established over time, which makes it a very reliable system, easy to install and easy to maintain.

The principle of operation is very simple: the cabin is laid on a metal arch connected in turn to a piston that intakes mineral oil under pressure with a valve adjusting flow. Going up, the hydraulic pump pushes the liquid in the piston causing the ascent of the cabin, while the descent uses gravity.

The absence of a counterweight and the reduced overall dimensions of the mechanical parts offer the advantage of better optimising the compartment space available for the cabin, creating larger tread surfaces.

The use of special metal cabinets is called for, and in addition to the hydraulic control unit they contain the control panel and the electrical energy distribution switchboard.

With this type of system, large hoists-lifts can be made for capacities up to 12000kg for assembling cars or even trucks, a field that RAVER has many years of experience in.

The hydraulic system is the perfect solution for buildings with a few levels and limited traffic.

Safety and attention to detail are the basis of the construction principles of RAVER lifts.

Hydraulic system
Hydraulic system
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