Eight cabin models, endless customisations

Choose the model from those available and we can analyse the cabin customisations together

Models of lift cabins


Reliability and robustness at low prices


Astra is a line of standard cabins: solid, reliable, inexpensive, made of sturdy, pre-painted sheet metal.

This line was designed to offer a good variety of colour combinations while keeping an eye on costs without sacrificing the quality that distinguishes Raver products.

The standard walls, in the colours present in the sample, can be combined as desired with finishes based on the same colour.


Elegance and precision in a unique style

HEZE lift cabin

Heze offers a wide range of materials and colours that allow multiple combinations of colours.

With its characteristic of stainless steel profiles, it is ideal for an original and exclusive cabin.


Mix of light in a gritty environment that thinks outside the box

KUMA lift cabin

Kuma, with its particular structure made of horizontal slats assembled in relief by means of special stainless steel profiles, combined with a mix of lights and LED aims to combine functionality and design for each type of environment, with countless combinations in the choice of colours.


Luxurious simplicity, modern technology, in the tradition of quality

LUXOR lift cabin

In its essential elegance, Luxor reveals the secret of technological, modern beauty.

Apparently cold in its stylistic perfection, but reassuring in the solidity of the selected stainless steels, this line offers very interesting insights.

The Luxor series is further embellished with the LUXOR PLUS LINE, which uses the highest quality scratch-resistant steels, machined with a silvery finish in relief, providing a great visual effect, in addition to being a benchmark in terms of strength and durability.

Even in this case, as for all cabins created by Raver, there are ample possibilities to customise the final product, according to the most various requirements.


Refined elegance in quality without reservations

MIZAR lift cabin

Mizar is the cabin that prioritises particular attention to detail, perfect for elegant and sophisticated environments.

Its coating in "porcelain stoneware" makes it a unique product in its kind, providing a perfect blend of solidity, ruggedness and aesthetics.


Concrete strength in a basic style

SIRIO lift cabin

With the Sirius line, Raver confirms the use of resistant and elegant pre-painted sheet metal.

The use of the same colour variants as well as the possibility of combining the most valuable finishes such as stainless steel, make choosing this cabin convenient, always with an eye to the best value for money.

The Sirio, in its starkness, is a perfect choice for all those situations where it is necessary to combine style and solidity in a perfect combination.


Tenacious resistance in a lively and personal style

PEGASO lift cabin

With the Pegasus line, Raver offers a cabin with a strong chromatic personality combined with the tenacious resistance of the chosen material.

The best top quality laminates were selected, in order to achieve a high quality standard.

The result is Pegasus, a set of style, elegance, modernity and that which has become a distinctive feature of Raver, solidity. The ability to combine high quality materials, ceilings with alternative lighting systems, floors with elegant and robust granular marble or affordable and warm linoleum, make Pegasus a viable alternative to solid models that are stylistically more essential.


Vain soul, intriguing transparencies, elegant colours

PANORAMIC lift cabin

Panoramic can be defined, without hesitation, the cabin with a soul.

Conceited, eager to be seen in its essence, in its visible modern
technology, without secrets, but equally fascinating, grace in the airy
transparency of the crystal and the solid elegance of steel.

Modernity, utility and aesthetics come together in a perfect symbiosis, allowing for great creations with high
aesthetic impact in prestigious architectural frames.

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