Self-supporting structures

RAVER self-supporting structures, strength and design

Self-supporting structures for lifts

The main feature of our gantries is the creattion of all the structural components in double-bent sheet metal.

The first, the carrier, is also the most resistant because, according to the type of lifter, steel plates of different thickness are used in order to render it suitable for the installation of any type of system, even for large weights.

The second, which serves as a coating and abutment to the infill which can be in glass or other materials; the coating is made using 2 mm sheet metal. All this will produce a perfect combination of great strength and appealing aesthetics.

The self-supporting structures of RAVER are distinguished by their "linearity" in the junctions between the bolted uprights without welding. It is possible to to add automatic doors or manual swing type doors to the structure.

On request, in support of the structures, we can provide and create various types of landing runways and shelters. For structures to be used externally, RAVER offers the possibility of adding high-performance anti-water gaskets for a perfect seal.

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